Vortec Engine

The vortec engine was first introduced by General Motors in the year 1986. The engine was a revolutionary development in the automobile industry in more ways than one. For starters, this was the first major attempt to brand truck engines independently apart from the brand of the truck and the manufacturer. Vortec engines became popular in their own right and did not have to piggyback on the reputation and popularity of General Motors trucks or the company itself. When new vortec engines were introduced, its most distinctive characteristic was the vortex technology that created a swirl of air and fuel vapor inside the cylinder. The general perception was that this improved the quality of combustion inside the cylinders, generated more power, improved fuel mileage and reduced pollution.

The vortec engine made use of vehicle control module where a computer chip made use of numerous sensors fitted in the vehicle to monitor the performance of the engine. This was a the significant improvement over the use of mechanical devices to regulate the injection of fuel, movement of the piston and allied parts and removal of exhaust.Vortec engine were manufactured primarily for trucks. This had a positive impact on in the entire trucking industry as a whole. Better fuel economy meant not just more profit for the truck driver but led to reduction in prices of foreign goods and materials transported by trucks.

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Vortec engines continued to remain popular. However, the name of the engine is no longer associated with electronic sensors used or the vortex technology used inside the engine. Rather, it has become another brand name that signifies good quality and low maintenance truck engines.These engines have evolved over the years and there will be significant differences between a new and recently manufactured vortec engine and used vortec engines manufactured more than a decade ago. These engines are currently in the fourth generation of production.

The new 5.3 vortec engine offers flexible fuel technology feature that enables the trucks to be run on new generation fuels as well. This additional option was not present in vortec engines in the past as well. This flexibility is very useful for truck drivers. The earliest engines made use of solid iron block.


Today, these engine blocks are often made with aluminum. The number of cylinders fitted in these engines too has increased. The earliest engines were V6 engines; that is the engines consisted of six cylinders placed in a V shape. The latest generation engines are usually fitted with eight cylinders that generate sufficient power to pull huge trucks over long distances.

The popularity of the vortec engine can be seen from the fact that vortec crate engine is very popular amongst truck owners. These engines are often used in non GM trucks as well. You can buy crate engines on the web as well. As long as you are ready to pay for the transportation, the engine block will land right at your doorstep.