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How to determine whether the engine that you are purchasing for your truck is a vortec engine or not? It is one thing to be theoretically aware of the features of vortec engines. However, this information will be of no use if you do not know the practical implications and the manner in which the same should be utilized. Any engine described as a v6 vortec engine or v8 vortec engine today need not have any vortex or swirl technology incorporated in it. The engine may still be computer controlled but the mixing of the fuel and air inside the cylinder need not be the norm. This does not mean that the engine is a poor quality engine. Just do not presume that your vehicle will receive benefits of the technology that was first introduced in 1986There is a trick to understand the engine displacement of all vortec engines.

The engines have been named according to displacement. Hence, a 350 vortec engine will have an engine displacement of 350 cubic inches. Once you have this figure in your hand, you can easily the estimate the power that this engine can generate Secondly, since this engine is controlled by the computer, the wiring involved will be more complex as compared to a standard engine. The chip not only regulates the functioning of the engine but also helps the mechanic identify any trouble spot very quickly. However, the computer fitted into the engine will be of no use if the wiring is not done properly. Hence, if the wiring harness of the engine is not the same as any other truck engine, you probably have a vortec engine on your hands.

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The 350 vortec engine is very popular because it can be easily modified and customized without any downgrading of performance. Keep this mind when getting a used engine. Truck owners focus more on performance than on brand loyalty. Using aftermarket engines and engine parts in trucks is very common. It is impossible to specify all possible changes that can be made to a truck engine. A lot depends on the purpose for which the engine was used, its functions, its maintenance and the technical knowledge of the owner. Identify the year of manufacture of the engine and determine the features of the engine by using online resources. Use this as the base to determine whether the engine is a 350 vortec engine or not.

If you do not want to worry about all these issues, just purchase the engine from a reputed seller. If you are uncertain of the quality of engines being sold in auto stores situated in your city, then using online stores is the best option. You can check out the features of the engine online. You can find out whether the engine manufactured in that year has been classified as a problematic engine or not. The cost of the engine too will be clearly stated. All this will help you decide whether you want to purchase the engine or not.

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