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There are a large number of vortec engines on the road today. Make sure you know when the vortec engine was manufactured and the exact vortec engine specifications before you finalize the purchase. The last thing you want is to find out that you purchased a 2nd generation engine presuming it to be a third generation engine. A lot has been said about the fact that the engine is a computerized one. Some truck owners take this to the extreme and are scared of even opening the hood. You can opt for aftermarket vortec engine parts without any hesitation as long as it does not affect the functioning OEM part in the engine because there are better aftermarket parts that enhance the functioning of the engine. The computer should not scare you. Just identify the parts that affect the computer and get professional opinion when getting it replaced. Or, get the part installed by a professional so that the functioning of the computer chip is not affected.

It is always advisable to go in for an engine cover to protect your truck from dust and dirt when it is not running. The same applies to a vortec engine as well. Opt for a good quality vortec engine cover to reduce your maintenance activities. Otherwise, you will have to get the engine serviced every time the truck remains idle in the garage for an extended period of time. Be careful when using the engine cover when the engine is still warm. Plastic tends to retain heat and this will keep the engine warm for a long period of time.

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Make sure there is adequate provision for the excess heat to escape. Truck engines accumulate dust and dirt on trips. The grime mixes with the engine lubricant and the end result is that what was once a shiny new engine becomes a big chunk of greasy metal. It is best to identify important vortec engine parts when the engine is brand new. If necessary, take a few snaps of the engine from different angles so that you know which part goes where. This will be very useful when performing self maintenance activities.

Having the vortec engine parts specifications in the manual is of no use if the same is to lie idle in your office while you are on the road in your truck. Note the specs and keep it safe in your truck at all times. You never know when you may need the information. Keep note of all the modifications you make to the engine. No detail is too minor as far as engine changes are concerned. From removing an OEM part and replacing it with an aftermarket part to reboring the engine, make sure you note down


  • When the changes were made and
  • The nature of the changes made.

The computer helps you identify engine trouble only if you know how to use it. Visit sites like vortecengine.com product reviews. For useful hints and tips along with parts and products related to your truck engine.